Although it’s technically not part of web or visual design, I always end up editing the photos used in client projects to some degree, whether stock or client-supplied. I guess it stems from a borderline neurotic nitpicking habit I have about distracting artifacts in photos. A stray hair on a model, gotta fix it. Weird shaped ear, gotta reform it. Trashcan visible in a property photo, must remove it.

I enjoy photo editing and correction, even the most tedious tasks. I remember long, long ago my Dad took up photo editing (and digital art) after completing a Photoshop class at a local college. He started getting requests to clean up old black and white family photos from friends and relatives. He’d always ask my opinion, and sometimes ask me to help out with a particularly tough fix. We even ventured into colorizing sepia and black and whites. It was just a fun thing we did together.

I don’t offer this as a stand-alone service, but here are some recent edits.

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